Please help RB 2, Issues

I bought a Rose Breasted Cockatoo at a fair, (I know, so please don’t start on me PLEASE )Anyway, The bird is scarred of everything. He will not even perch or walk on perches, ropes. He sits on a shredder toy I bought for him. He doesn’t play AT ALL, goes to the other side of the cage when I clean, feed , ect. and shakes. He will run if I try to approach him. The last 2 weeks when I sit down in the morning to eat breakfast he comes to the front of the cage and starts dancing for a couple of minutes. I have two boys 4 and 6 that he will come to the front of the cage for and dance when they sing to him.The only other time I can get any postive movement from him is when I put on the birds singing and playing on Youtube, then he starts sqwaking about.Is there anything I can do for this bird? He just seems so un happy. Or is he only going to be a breeder. All I was told is that he was going to be used as a Breeder and they new bought a female for him.Thanks in advance

how much time out of cage? try letting him approach you he will out of curiosity if you don’t force yourself on him.has he been to the vet?could be sick which is why they sold him rather than breed him with the female already purchased for him.what are you having for breakfast?he may want some, if it’s something he can have share it.

I don’t know what Blue Zulu has for breakfast, but I get the surplus of what my wife fixes for the birds, if there’s any left.We got Chewbaca when she was 5 mo. old, and she doesn’t know shy. She’s a real velcro.GB

Please NOTE : I am a experienced bird owner.He doesn’t eat anything other than his food, I try daily and will keep trying but he is not interested.I can not get him out of his cage, even if I leave the door open he sits there on his toy.I would never push or force a bird to do anything, I have just been waiting and hoping for him to come out of this shell he is in. I talk to him multi times a day and he moves away to the back of the cage everytime I approach him cage.I just wonder if he was just shoveled in a cage with out any attention or toys and is now in a home with people and lots of toys and he is scared out of his mind

This bird is also 7 yrs old.

ok your an experiance bird owner who doesn’t need our suggestions good luck i hope it works out.

Experienced as I have been around birds my whole life and I am knownable on handling, care, feeding, and housing.So I came on here to see if anyone else has any other ideas I haven’t tried, and I get a Smart Mouthed comment. Isn’t this why this forum is here? To help people, to talk to people, to meet people. Or is it just for rude comments ??

Blue - go about your business and leave the cage door open. Maybe you could put a perch that extends out from the door to entice him. Don’t make him the center of attention. Let him adjust. When the cage door is open have your boys sing to him then.A cockatoo named Snowball was given to a shelter because he would always bite and the owner just couldn’t deal with it anymore. The owner did leave a video with him dancing. Dancing was his contact. He will still bite but he is now making commercials around the world.My Myrtle was only a year old when I got her and she shook in fear. I left her door open on the middle of the dining room table. It took her at least 24 hours to come out and sit on top. I talked to her from a distance and she watch the kaos in my house. It took a long time before she let me touch her feet.It has been a year. Myrtle is so social that she comes to us and begs for what we are eating. She flies to my shoulder multiple times a day to baby talk in my ear while I work. She flies to anyone who calls her.Give him some space to find out who he is.

Blue Zulu…hang in there. I know it’s frustrating when you ask for suggestions and you get grief in return…I would love to have a too but I know how challenging they can be. I’m sure he will warm up to you …listen to the above suggestions. He will figure out he is in a much better home. I am not an experienced bird owner so I will stop with any advice…hope others help you. Best of luck and keep us updated Animal lover

Hi I own a RB2. Ill tell you what she was like when I first brought her home.She would not eat for 5 days [that I saw] she also hid in the corner.I called the breeder in concern but then Isaw her eat. I had to hang new toys outside her cage for a few days so she would be ok with them .Food treats were of no interest to her.But she did like my attention [her face would puff up] I spent alot of time learning what she liked and disliked and respected that.I was consistant taking her out.If she didnt want to come I didnt force her .Once they trust you things will change.Their was alot of nipping when she was ready to go back to her cage .I read alot about 2s before I got her .To my surprise shes a quiet bird not clingy and lets me know when she wants to be in her cage. I have built her trust and now theres no nipping and is the best behaved of all my birds.Meaning she will do what I ask her to .It took awhlie Jennifer was not a rehomed bird yours might be .I read somewhere on this forum and I agree .This guy was not making much progression until 4 months .I experienced this with my other rehomed2.I learned I just want my birds to be happy.I accept whatever kind of relationship they want with me.Jennifer is a scaredy cat …but she does love to dance! Good luck takes time