Please please help with bonding issue!

Hi. I am new to the forum. I belong to the talkparrotlets forum and have received so much helpful advice from the members since getting my parrotlet in December 2012. I am becoming desperate with this particular issue and I am trying to get as many opinions as I can.I got my parrotlet, Milo, when he was 10 weeks old last December. I am the primary care taker, well, the only caretaker. I live with my husband and no children. We were married when we got Milo, so my husband is not a new presence in the household.When I first got Milo, his bond with me grew rapidly. I can confidently say that he established complete trust with me, I could handle him in any way. He would step up on command and I could hang him upside down. He would mimic my behaviors, sounds, and has learned over 50 words from me. He would eat when I ate, flock call to me nonstop when in the cage if I left the room, and fly to my shoulder when out of the cage if he even thought I might be leaving the room. He would preen me and take naps in my hair. He would constantly request scratches by nudging my fingers with his beak. He would never bite me.It was this way for about 7 months. During this period, he was never nasty to my husband, but could care less about him. He would only sit with him if I was right next to him, would not go near his hands, and did not respond to attempts to feed or play with him. He did not get excited when he came home, but would scream with excitement when I came home. When he reached about 6 months of age, he started to regurgitate for me.About a two months ago, he started to show more interest in my husband. For a period of time, he was equally happy to be with both of us. Then about a month ago, he started to prefer my husband and not care so much for me. Right before my husband left to go away for 2 weeks, Milo actually started to get nasty to me. I thought it would be good for our relationship when my husband went away. For two weeks he was back to my lovey little friend. But the second my husband returned, he started acting nasty to me again and wanting nothing to do with me. Now, this past week, he has been extremely aggressive to me. He is flighted and on numerous occasions has dove at me and taken chunks of skin out of my neck. My hands are also all bitten up. He draws blood every time. These are attack bites, latching on and grinding. One of the instances, I was sitting on the couch in a different room from my husband just watching tv and he flew from the room where my husband was and attacked me. He displays aggressive behavior when I come home, screeching, pacing, and sticking up his nape feathers. When my husband is not home, he is fine with me, completely non-aggressive, but not as affectionate with me as he used to be. It is very clear that his bond has shifted. He constantly regurgitates for my husband and is latched onto him at all times when not in the cage.I understand that parrots, especially amazons of which parrotlets are a cousin, are often one person birds and can become aggressive toward others. What I don’t understand is why his preference changed when we had such a strong, close bond for so many months. If anything, he was overbonded to me.I am okay with him preferring my husband, but the attacks and aggression are very difficult to accept. We have tried several things with no success. I am already the only one who feeds or rewards him with treats, so I’m not sure what else I can do in that regard. I plan to have his wings clipped to reduce the diving behavior. He will be one year old in two weeks. I believe he is reaching sexual maturity, which I’m sure has something to do with it. Is there anything I can do??? I miss my sweet, affectionate boy and it’s upsetting that he is so much calmer with me when my husband isn’t home. I want to be able to enjoy him together, and I don’t want to be fearful of him.Any advice would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I meant to write he would rarely* bite me. Only when tired, scared or change in sleeping pattern occurred. Sorry - I’m tired myself!