Poachers get 'real' sentence

Not parrot poachers but it doesn’t really matter because the important thing is that Indonesia, which is a hotbed of poaching and trafficking of animals, is finally taking responsibility for it and punishing these bad people.https://focusingonwildlife.com/news/slo … indonesia/

As im sitting here reading an article from scientific american, about illegally collected parrots and birds from the wild. (One in five households in indonesia, keeps birds as pets) Most of these millions of harvested animals, die from the poor conditions. Exotic pets trade, being a major driver in vanishing wildlife. Many of the collectors are from the U.S. Which brings me to the up and commung Feather Fest, around the corner, here in Connecticut. Why? Because last year, someone brought their Palm Goliath Cockatoo there. I read in this article, that they produce only one egg, every two years, and that they dont really make good pets. They are not easily tame. Are very expensive. Im not pointing fingers necessarily. But, Im left wondering, how Palm Cockatoos are typically obtained. Do people even actually breed them? Im of the personal mindset that birds are NOT pets. It is an oddity, of an experience, that ive dedicated my own time to. Trick training, i believe, has helped me give them quality in their captive lives. However, it angers me, when many people immediately exclaim, Oh! They must be expensive! The only thing expensive about my birds, is the time, ive given to them. Otherwise, they wernt just obtained free, but they were feared, and extremely, SADLY, unwanted. As for the illusion that exotic pets are a status symbol, almost. I just only wish i had the power to do to these humans twice fold that theyve done to innocent creatures. By the millions.

Yes, palm cockatoos are being bred for the pet trade. Lots and lots and lots of species that don’t do well in captivity are simply because people don’t really care if the animals are happy or not, they just want to OWN them - and the more exotic, the more they want it.If you are planning on getting two more birds, I suggest you get mates for the ones you already have. It might work and then it might not but, even if it doesn’t, the fact that they have somebirdy who ‘speaks’ its own language is already a plus for them. I think it would be the kinder thing to do…