Poolside aviary

I own a backyard inground pool 7x3 meters, which was installed a year back. Lately, it is getting a lot of green algal blooms along the walls and floor of my pool. I am thinking of a shock for my pools on a weekly basis. I found different sites, suggesting the need to shock the pools on a regular basis. What concerns me is that my aviary which is beside the pool. Will shocking the pool using chlorine have an adverse effect on my birds because there are blogs by swimming pool installation massachusetts which say chlorine is a harmful chemical. Can someone suggest few safe options which would be safe for my birds? Your thoughts on salt water, ozone, bromine or MPS as alternatives? All suggestions would be great. Thanks in advance.


The most natural and harmless way is to put a lot of barley straw in the water. It takes awhile but the strae attracts the algae to cling to it and you can then lift it out.Another way is to buy shop bought algae remover but they don’t often work, it’s trial and error with them. Personally I would not use chlorine .

Sorry but I have no idea. I don’t have and doubt I will ever have a pool (my husband and I fight all the time over this but I would have to clean it myself and I would hate to find a drowned animal floating in it so, regardless of what my husband wants, there will be no pool for us)

I’m not sure how to deal with this problem. Even with shop bought cleaners , how would I ensure if they are devoid of chemicals. Already one of them is having feather loss. It could be lice

There is another alternative for your pool and that is to fill it with fast growing oxygenating plants. The more you have the quicker the water will clear. This is probably your best option because it will continue to keep clear without continually adding chemicals. I had ponds for decades

That sounds like a good idea.