Popcorn ceiling material falling on AG

Ok, so here’s the deal, I brought my new baby home this past weekend, and I’m trying to get her use to the shower. I had her in there today and went to change the nozzle on the shower head. I had it pointing up so it would be more like rain fall and the water shot up hitting the ceiling and raining down on myself and Bella, water and the popcorn crap on the ceiling. I probably traumatized her but I immediately covered her head and put her under the spray to wash it off, there doesn’t seem to be any residue or undue trauma to my baby but is there anything I need to be looking for here? I’m 99.9% sure nothing was ingested or got into any openings (i.e. eyes ears etc.) This was an accident, I didn’t realize when I changed the nozzle that the water would shoot as high as it did( I don’t normally use that setting).Also, she was pretty freaked out, she pretty much froze till we were out of the bathroom, I dried her off and we cuddled up and she seems to be fine now, but how long should I wait before trying to introduce the shower again? I would love for her to have a pleasant experience with water. She does seem to enjoy “showers” in her cage.

Accidents happen to the best of us. She is a baby, right? Young birds seem to get over things better than older birds. I’d say, introduce it to her again! When you fall off that horse, climb right back on!

Yes, she’s just a baby, 3 months old in fact. I’ll keep trying with her, being more careful not to let the water hit the ceiling. Thanks!