Prize for forum members

As part of my audeince appreciation week, today’s prize will go to a forum member. Just leave a comment here that you enjoy participating in theparrotforum.

I’m in! Thank you Michael for all the great videos, book and forum! I’ve have learned a lot especially from the videos.Heli + Senegals Maili & Rudo PS.TIP: Great 'hobby’I love to follow wild bird nest cam. This little Eaglet was hatched yesterday and soon he/she will have two siblings LINK: Decorah Eagles Nest Camera

Hi all! I’m glad you have this site and forum. I learn a lot! Keep going on Best regards from Hungary.

Thanks for all you do - it’s great to have such an amazing resource of information and bird lovers alike!

Hey!Thank you so much for all the friendly info and help, plus the quick replies. I really enjoy talking and learning from you and can’t wait to know you all better! I found lots of helpful info and such on this site and forum. Thanks! Keep up the good work!

Well I’ve been lurking here for a while just started posting recently, just wanted to say thanks again for having a place people can come to gather honest information about these awesome animals!

I greatly enjoy this forum! I lurked for a year while in the ‘research’ phase and then when I took the plunge with the Green Cheeked Conure that chose me, I joined in. To me it is the most substantive forum on parrots out there, and I have a learned a TON from some committed parrot-keepers that regularly contribute. Please keep up the good work, all! (Darwin)

Thank you for helping me find the forum I look coward to usuing it with help with my Senegal thank you

Cool!Haven’t logged into the forum for quite a while now because of lack of free time, but I read it from time to time (and I read your FB posts, Michael! ).I’d love to win the book - it would allow me to learn more about my “teenage” sennie who recently had his name changed from Kura (polish word for hen) to Kurczak (polish word for chicken), because I’m almost sure that he’s a he Sending love from my little chicken