Proposed Useless Parrot Inventions

Here are some things I wish someone would invent!A PTFE fume detector. (It would have to be outrageously sensitive and you’d have to put it in the kitchen I think)A parrot drinking fountain, as for cats (Scooter likes to drink out of the running water before he bathes)A refrigerated dish for keeping fruit and veggies cool.A Roomba like thing that cleans cages.A special tweezer like thing for getting safely at tiny pinfeathers when you don’t have decent fingernails.A virus and mold detector you could use to scan or otherwise sample sprouts, fruits and veggies, nuts.A voice activated web cam so you can teach your parrot to phone home.Anything else I’m missing?

You’re the scientist… better get cracking

There is a bird fountain system out there but I can’t find it anymore! Maybe it’s no longer in production?I really want to create and market an electronic device with various buttons and each button plays a different recording… so, you can record messages for your birds and when they are alone they can play the messages and hear your voice. I would totally do this but I have no clue how to invent or market anything.

Dont they already make something like that for kids? It should be easy to parrot-proof such a toy. I remember having one as a kid that had buttons shaped like animals, and when pushing the button it would play whatever sounds the animal makes. It would be really cute to watch a parrot do a lion roar

I’m smitten with the Roomba for parrot cages idea!

entrancedbymyGCC wrote:A voice activated web cam so you can teach your parrot to phone home.This could actually be doable with the right knowledge!I have rigged my home computer so that I can remote into it and call myself on googletalk from home and see and hear the birds, and them see and hear me

i found the cat food lids you buy to put over the small tins fit perfectly over my bowls but i wouldnt mind being able to by them together!

Actually I think all those things are doable, with the possible exception of the Roomba thingy (if you could work the mechanism to have it move around the cage bars, how would you get the parrot to accept it?) and the PTFE fume detector. I just don’t know enough about the chemistry to have an opinion on the latter!

I’d pay $100 for a portable PTFE detector just to bring it with me when I take my birds to other people’s houses. I just wonder if there is enough lag between the indicator going off and the bird actually passing away from it. In the good old days, the bird was used as the detector for toxic fumes and gave just enough time for the people to get out…

You could always buy a canary. They are smaller than your parrots and will build up more of the toxins in his system faster. When the canary dies, you need to get the birds out. I’m pretty sure there are some canary lovers ready to shoot me right now…Just kidding