Quick explanation

Sorry I haven’t been around and thank you so much for all your concern! Everything is OK, it’s only that we are doing some work in the house and it has been -and still is- CRAZY BUSY around here. We are putting down new flooring (bamboo) in the living and dining room; refinishing the fireplace (stone); refinishing the hardwood floors on the second floor (our bedroom, dressing room and corridor) and the stairs; changing the furniture in the bedroom and the shelving in the dressing room around (because I want to open a doorway between the two); recaulking and painting the bathroom; painting the cabinets in the kitchen and putting an island instead of the table and chairs I had before and putting new walls and flooring in the porch as well as all new moldings around the windows AND, if we still can afford it, we will change the front door (I want one with glass from top to bottom) and had the front steps redone in material (they are now wood and I hate them!).And you have no idea what a freaking federal project having any work in the house done with all the animal is!!! I had the floor men put the table saw in the porch because I did not want all that saw dust floating all over the place and getting breathed in by the birds and they kept on forgetting to close the front door so the cats kept on getting out - PLUS they can only work from 10:30 am (so the birds have a few hours in the am to be out) to 5 pm (so their solar schedule does not get all screwed up) so it has taken FOREVER to get something done. The cats are all stressed out, the dogs are FILTHY (and my dogs are always impeccably groomed so this is stressing me out!), I have an old one sick with pancreatitis (Bunny, the one with epilepsy) and my last nerve is getting way so frayed I doubt it will hold together much longer - so much so that I got sick (bronquitis) as I usually do when I do too much so, now, on top of everything else, I am coughing and coughing and so hoarse I can’t sing to the birds. But, although we haven’t finished yet, we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel so, as soon as I get the men out of the house I will be back for a few days before they arrive (March 12).

My grey learned the sound of the circular saw, at one point.Glad to hear that all is okay. Hectic, but okay.

Glad to hear your ok- apart from the coughing and chaos.I was going to put a message asking if you hadn’t been on by tonight lol.

Thank you for this, Pajarita, some of us were getting concerned about your absence.