R I Preserve for birds and bird watchers

I would love to go there!https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/in-ri … ar-AABKrWS

That’s even far from the rescue. Middletown is out on the island Newport is on. I have a friend in Jamestown, which is the island between the mainland and Newport. Maybe I’ll try to get there sometime this summer.

I was watching a mother black duck with all her little black ducklings diving in the water off my beach here. It’s hard to tell a black duck from a female mallard, but the ducklings are unmistakeable.

And aren’t ALL ducklings just the CUTEST thing ever?!

I don’t get bird watching in anymore. It’s hard to leave the house, and I hate leaving the dog alone when I do. Bringing her with me makes it hard, although she did alert me to a brown creeper that I never would have seen without her.

You still have a puppy in your hands but, as it gets older, it will calm down and stop reacting to them. Of course, this requires a couple of years or more and training so as to inure the dog to the stimulus but it can be done because my dogs no longer react to the birds even when they fly down to the floor and even when one of them ends up landing ON a dog (they are always under very close supervision but it’s impossible to predict when a bird is going to take off or where it’s going to decide to land so I teach them to ‘freeze’ whenever any of these things happen and they eventually learn to do it on their own).