*random* Who loves the smell of their parrot?

Ok wierd question. But I just love the smell of Sparky’s feathers. I could sniff him all day! He just looks mildly amused and eyeballs me, LOL.

Haha, I was just thinking to myself today how good Truman smells after sunbathing in the sun outside. At home he can get kind of stinky but outside he develops a really nice scent after being in the sun.

I smell them all the time as part of my health inspection.

RedDragon1288 wrote:I smell them all the time as part of my health inspection.And do you find yourself in good health after taking some whiffs of parrot?

Now there’s a thought! hahaha

i was just enjoying this with penny yesterday and thought i was the only one who loved to do this. mya leaves her scent on me after we snuggle it looks like i wear baby powder on my clothes.

I tell Myrtle and Rambo that they "smell just like chicken".

With Malachite I smell and think “ah my baby”, but since Ruby is a dust produce I begin to sneeze. They both smell like Harrison’s

I love the way my macaw Chica smells, my IRN doesn’t really have much of a scent that I can detect though.I sit on the couch cuddling Chica and “snuffling” my face in her feathers, which usually invokes her to start a preening session & kisses on my face.