Really off topic

I am just posting this so the posting beneath doesn’t appear as the ‘new’ one but, as long as I am here I will inform you that we seem to be having the biggest snow storm of this season and, to put the icing on the cake of problems, I just ‘stole’ four kittens from a feral mother and there are three more in my basement from another mother -but those are too young to be ‘stolen’ yet as they are about two weeks old only and I only take the ones that are four weeks old so they can have an entire month of mother’s milk [I still give them formula but, even though I buy the good one -no soy, colostrum. etc- it’s never the same as their own mother’s milk]. The four I stole are orange tabbies, two classic and two mackerels, and the two mackerels have eye infections but one is very mild [only one eye which, although infected, it’s still open] while the other one might lose one of his eyes and is very sick with the ‘cold’ that they get from a bad herpes infection. The poor thing is so congested, it can’t even suckle properly, I found him wandering about with both eyes closed shut from swelling and gunk, very labored breathing [hugely congested] and severely dehydrated [at least, 20 percent!] so I cleaned his eyes with chamomille tea and put ophthalmic antibiotic ointment in his eyes [I had to force them open and one eye is still there but the other one doesn’t look good at all as it seems the third eyelid has grown over it], gave him subq fluiuds as well as two different kinds of antibiotics, lysine [it helps them get rid of the herpes naturally] and I have been forcing formula down his throat a little bit at a time every two hours [which made me into a cantankerous zombie from the lack of sleep so my husband is staying away from me as much as he can this morning ]. Thankfully, I always have medical supplies and formula at hand for situations like this one and a bit of experience handling things like this because I can’t even take them to the vet as everywhere it’s closed due to the snow storm - and I know because I started calling at 9 am and called three different places with no success! The other three are a black and white one, a black tuxedo and an all black one - I check on them twice a day to make sure they are doing OK.

Took them to the vet yesterday morning, had them tested for FIV and FeL and dewormed and they are all healthy and doing fine. I also took a female feral that I have been ‘taming’ for over a year now because she has only one good eye and she would not have lasted on the street so we wanted to bring her in - and the good news is that she also tested negative for both diseases and heartworm so she got dewormed, vaccinated, her ears were cleaned and medicated for mites, got flea drops and an appointment to get spayed. I had put her in the guest bedroom and she hid all night long under the bed, not even using the litter box so, last night, I put her with the kittens in the bathroom and she is the happiest cat you have ever seen! When I went back at 11:30 to give them their last bottle of the day, she was laying down with them, hugging them and cleaning them and purring non-stop! I knew they would make her happy because she was the one that took care of a litter from another female after they weaned and the mother disappeared. And I am SOOOOO happy about this because, even though one can feed and clean an unweaned kitten as well as keep it with its siblings so they learn to socialize, having a mother cat cuddling, grooming and loving them is the ideal situation. My grandkids are coming today to see them and I’ll ask my daughter to take pictures of them so I can show you how beautiful they are!

Glad they’re all healthy.

Yes, it is! The real worry is FeL [feline leukemia which, in cats, it’s a viral disease] because it transcends the placenta so, if the mother is infected, the babies are born already infected. Feline Aids [FIV] does not transcend the placenta so, even though the kittens can test positive when the mother is infected, it’s because of the antibodies in the milk so all you have to do is wait until they are older and retest - plus, the vaccine is more effective than the one for FeL. But, although a cat with FIV can live an almost normal life and one with FeL can live up to 8 or 9 years with a lot of care, nobody wants to adopt them…

Definitely keep us updated on the cats! No matter what happens their lives have already been improved greatly.

They are doing great and growing in leaps and bounds! They are already escaping from the bathroom every chance they get in order to explore but I will wait until they are eating on their own to allow them some freedom. And the great news is that the one that I thought was going to lose one eye is actually doing better. The eye will never be normal but she is opening it and the ‘third eyelid’ is no longer covering the entire eye so she might even end up with some vision in it! I am still putting the drops AND the ointment [the vet gave me the drops but I prefer ointment for cases like this one because it stays ON the eye and protects it from the eyelid friction so I am using both] in it three times a day but I hardly ever have to clean any gunk out of it now.