Remind me not to check craigslist for cages anymore

While looking for a nicer cage for Cloud (yeah I am a sucker…I HAVE to get the biggest cage I can for the space I have for all my birds. In case no one could tell, bahahaha!) I saw an add today that was just depressing. Someone was selling a, as they put it, “handicapped Meyer’s parrot with a foot that goes to the side instead of down she gets around good”. Plus cage, toys, and food. For $100. NO. NO NO NO. That poor little bird is going to end up somewhere terrible.

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Yeah, I had to stop looking at Craigslist and similar a while ago. It just makes me too sad.

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pchela wrote:Yeah, I had to stop looking at Craigslist and similar a while ago. It just makes me too sad. The saddest part- I KNOW I “could” be a good owner for this bird… But I am at my limit right now!!! It has been so hard to make enough time for my three birds, waking up early to get time in with all of them, filling up most of my free time working with Miss Grumpypants Galileo. I cannot imagine a fourth, particularly a Meyer’s with special needs, right now. I don’t sleep enough as it is… But I just feel so bad. Waaaah. No more craigslist. I’m done.

I once found a $100 Red Belly on Craigslist… I went and bought her and then placed her in a good home. I was worried that for that amount of money, she’d end up in a horrible situation but now I know she’s being well taken care of. Of course, it’s difficult to do that every time one sees a cheap bird on CL.

Just don’t understand some people. Here is another disturbing ad … Z232082054

Miss Grumpypants Galileo! LOL

GooseBlossom wrote:Miss Grumpypants Galileo! LOL Oh she is! I also call her my grumpy featherbutt!!! Bahahahaha! This is the ad. Sooo… I took pchela’s statement to heart. I contacted the owner. They said they wanted to get rid of her because their son was allergic; I don’t know whether I believe that or not, but they also said they wanted her gone ASAP and I was the only person to have a serious inquiry, and if I wanted her and her supplies she would be mine for $75. I am going to go see her tomorrow. I have already been in contact with the rescue I got Galileo from, and she (the owner of the rescue) said if need be she can assist me in finding her a GOOD home after her quarantine is up! So…if this is a real ad, and the bird is actually tame and not wild-go-nuts, she has a shot of coming home with me as a foster!!! My first foster bird… Oh boy. I am nervous.

…Because you all know how my "fostering" of Cloud went…

good luck "fostering"