Renovations and a parrot

Hey everybody,We are about to drywall our bedroom and since drywall dust gets EVERYWHERE as we all know, wondering if it a true concern in reagards to my little JOJO ? We are taking some measures in prevention or reducing the amount of dust that will spread. Jojo is at the other end of the house (livingroom) and we are keeping doors closed and will put plastic in the hall to help. Is it necessary to move him out of the house? Suggestions please and thank you

The gypsum in drywall is not toxic, so I wouldn’t think there would be a reason to completely take him out of the house, as long as you’re taking steps to minimize the dust (which it sounds like you are). I’d be more concerned about the paint fumes, personally, but only enough to move my birds to another part of the house where there was plenty of ventilation.

Great!..thanks for reassuring me. I saw earlier today your video of Dante chatting away. He seems soooo sweet!! Quite jealous…would love to have a CAG Sarahand Jojo