Rescue wild birds

This is want made me think about getting a parrot. One night I was watching TV it was about 11:00pm and I heard a piping sound coming from my front door. I opened the door and there was a pigeon right at my front door he fell right in when I opened up the door. And two cats were right outside looking at him. And my cat was looking to see what was going on. So I pick him up went out to the porch and put him in a cat carrier and said I will see you in the morning. The next morning I went out and opened up the cage to see how my friend was doing he came out but could not fly. He was to young his flight feathers had not come in yet. so I went in the house got him a bowl of water. Went to the store and bought bird seed, and some millet. and I opened the door and feed him . I left the door opened all day I would check on him and he was still there. That night I went out to check on him and he was in the carrier so I locked him in for the night and the next morning he was waiting for me to open up the carrier. I gave him fresh food and water. This went on for about a week. every night he would be in the carrier and I would lock him in and every morning he would be waiting for me to open it. one day he flew out and was gone all day but when I checked that night he was still in the carrier. so locked him in and went to bed. the next morning I fed him one more time. He flew out and was gone. I left the carrier open one more time, and that night I looked in the carrier and not only was he there but he brought a friend along too. LOL So that was it I locked them in for the night, but when they took off the next day I went and left no food or water, and put away the carrier. but for the next few months he if I was sitting outside he would come and sit on the porch with me for a few minutes. Now the funny thing about this whole store is this happened three times while I was at this apartment. The word must of gotten out. Each one need a few days to be able to fly. I never tried to make friends with them I just fed them and locked them in for the night and once they flew off. I would take everything away and that would be that. So that’s how I started to think about getting a parrot.

Great story and even better ending! You are a person after my own heart, I also always try to help any animal in need and pigeons need help more often than people realize!

I always have been an animal lover. When I was a baby my first word was dog. I feel that animals just know when your are an animal person. I feel pigeons get a bad rap. Are they a pain in the butt, Yes but you don’t have to treat them mean. Like I said that first pigeon would come around and say hi once in awhile. I would never feed him, I wanted him to stay wild so no one would hurt him. I just thought it was funny how we had our thing. He would go in the carrier and I would feed him. I thought it was fun.