Research = cruelty

Warning! Reading this will break your heart… … ar-AA8nXyr

This is disgusting! I only made it through a bit of the article as I’m in a rush this morning, but putting living creatures through that much pain just for corporations to compete in the global marketplace??? Some people truly are blinded by money.

And we are not only paying for this terrible thing with our taxes (as if the people who are supposed to benefit did not have money of their own!), it has been going on for years and years without a single bit of success so all that suffering, all those dead animals have been for NOTHING!!!

Pajarita, thank you for the warning. I did not read it.

Well, you should. I have not been able to not ‘see’ the terrible images in my head since I read it but the feeling of utter horror is needed for people to mobilize and end this type of things once and for all! There is a petition now going around to close this Government-sanctioned chamber of horrors, please sign it and urge everybody you know to sign it, too (I did not only put it on my Facebook page, I sent emails to all my relatives and friends urging them to sign it). And, in my personal opinion, the person in charge should be in jail because nobody but a psychopath could have planned such thing and only sadists could have stood by and watch the terrible suffering without doing a single thing.Here it’s the link to the petition: … rch-center

Thank you for the link to this petition, I will sign it. I remember taking part in some protests and other actions at a facility in Nebraska, near Omaha in the late 70’s and early 80’s, over the cruelty of the experiments that were being conducted there and as far as I was aware of, we were successful in shutting it down. But the description of this place really sounds familiar to me. So perhaps we were not as effective or as successful as we had thought, or maybe they reopened it. I don’t know but it sounds too familiar to be coincidence. I nearly went to prison on that one.

Was posted a while ago but it’s signed, have also put it on facebook.

Follow up and update, further action appreciated. … n=advocacy

One of the first things that struck me with this article was that it wanted pressure put on these researchers to comply with the Animal Welfare Act. Well I just recently downloaded a copy of this document and imagine my surprise at discovering that all of the animals that are used for research are exempted from compliance with the rest of the Act. Therefore those researchers are in compliance with the Animal Welfare Act.

Yes, birds are also but we are now fighting to get ALL animals included.