Reversed Aggression

You know, a lot of us complain about how our birds are too protective of their chosen person. Some of us even have problems with aggression.Today, I had one of my friends over. Typically, Einstein avoids new people. However, he happily perched on top of her head and fell asleep. I was livid! How dare my baby share his affections with someone who isn’t me!

I don’t have this problem since I live alone and no one is ever here but me, but I’d imagine I’d be a little jealous!

Apple will lunge at any hands except mine, and tolerates my fiance’s sometimes.But I put him on a stranger’s shoulder, he will grind his beak and make himself home…

Maybe her hair was really floofy and looked like a nest?

Awww. Does she use the same shampoo or body products?

When my boyfriend is coming to me and Chico hear key in the door, she immediately goes: Wee, wee. Next she is jumping from me to him. I’m not jealous, I’m glad she is not one person bird(so far).The same budgies: when he is cumming and if there is miracle and they’re quiet at that moment, they jump and sing and act like they’re happy he’s here.When my bf’s dog come to me instead to him, he is not jealous either. It took me good couple of years to make friends with that dog (American eskimo), so we don’t want to spoil it plus guess who is in the kitchen most