RI finetuning meaning of 'service animal'

Something that should be done on a national level, if you ask me, because it is true that people are claiming their pets are service animals just to get them into places they are not allowed or to fly for free.http://turnto10.com/news/local/what-it- … -dog-in-ri


And Minnesota might make fake service animals illegal. http://www.brainerddispatch.com/news/go … ce-animals

I had one dog and two cats who were tuned into me and helped me through the rough spots of my life. Rainbow also has that ability. He stuck like glue to my mom for almost 2 years. He suffered when she died. I did not let him see her dead. I should have. He could have mourned and got over it instead of searching for her. He still calls “Granma” every once in a while to see if she will answer.I found her in Aunt Betty’s bed. I called the ambulance about an hour later. She was admitted and kept for 3 days because of extreme dehydration.When I am in trouble, like when I was bed bound last winter, she spent a lot of time with me. I draped my bedspread down so she could climb up.Calicat had a purr that I could hear in another room. When I had insomnia she would get on my pillow and wrap around my head then purr for all she was worth. The rest of the world disappeared and I would go to sleep. My uncle had cancer and came to live with us to die. Calicat knew it and stayed with him. She only left to eat or potty. He had always called her pushy cat because she was so vocal. Many times I would hear him talking, though he made no sence, and find him in a conversation with his “pushy cat”. I think she was better for him than all the morphine patches I had on him.

You won’t get an argument from me on the physical and emotional health benefits of having companion animals, Liz. I credit most of my happiness to having them around me all the time! But it is a fact that A LOT of people abuse the ‘service animal’ label - especially the ones that fly with them because service animals are not only allowed on any flight [which ‘regular’ animals are not] but they also don’t pay at all to travel -while the others do. I have absolutely nothing against people having service animals but they need to be regulated so the people who really do need them are not bunched up together with all the moochers.

I know of people who knowingly take and apartment that is “No pets” and then go online and get their Pit bull “certified” as a support animal. Nobody is allowed to ask any questions or refuse the dog. It’s total crap. It’s totally abused. The dog isn’t trained at all. Landlord tenant law is so skewed in favor of the tenent in this state that I’m surprised anyone puts up with it. It’s one of the reason rents are so high. I charge double what I need to charge just to put up with the amount of crap I have to deal with.

Yep, I hear you, John! There is an old couple that goes to one of the supermarkets I use on the same day I do [Tuesdays because it’s ‘senior day’ and we get 5% discount on the total bill] and they always bring this little old dog wearing a ‘service animal’ vest. This dog is OLD and must be half blind and half deaf by now because you can tell by the way it moves that it’s completely oblivious to its surroundings and even to its own owners because they regularly have to kind of tug on the leash for the dog to follow them so it’s OBVIOUS this is NOT a service animal and that they got the vest on it just so they can bring it with them wherever they go. Now, don’t misunderstand me, personally, I do NOT mind the dog in the supermarket but having animals where there is food is not what one would call hygienic.

Yes, there is a difference between Service Animals and COMPANION Animals… they are both needed by many, not only for assistance, but for EMOTIONAL HEALTH! Going to be difficult to apply regulations tho… someone is always going to be shorted… Pat.

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