Rocko and Loki got Weighed

Remember the day I went to get Loki’s Harness my sister and her friend entered a colouring competition to win €25 to spend in the store and they had to bring them back today and tommorow the winner will be announced.We also looked at everybody elses pictures ours has to be the winner lol.While we were in the petstore we found a weighing scale that weighs in Kg it was for dogs and cats and we put the birds on lol then one of the workers came over and said are u trying to weigh them and I said yes and he brought us over to a small weighing scale and he weighed Loki and Rocko and they both Weighed 94 grams.Is it normal for both birds that live together to weigh the same? I was also looking to get my own scale but I couldnt find any cheap ones guess im gonna have to order one then.

No, birds that live together not necessarily have to weigh the same and the fact that yours did is only a coincidence but 94 g is a good average weight for a tiel (they go from 75 to 120).