Saw a Senegal today

Instead of getting off my duff and doing house work, hubby took me to McDonald’s for lunch. In walks a man with a senegal on his shoulder! S/he was so pretty and well behaved. The only thing was that there wasn’t a harness on her/him. They ended up sitting outside, I could see them from our seat. When I looked over I watched as the man kept giving the bird fries. At first hubby told me “don’t judge, that’s not your bird. It’s not your problem if the bird flies away or gets sick from all the fries”, but then I look over an he was letting the bird drink his orange soda! I’m hoping that this was a rare treat for the bird…Anyways, I held my tongue and didn’t talk to them. At the very least it was apparent that the man loves his bird. When we walked out we saw (we assumed) his truck, it had a perch between the seats and a “Senegal Parrot” sticker on it. I’ve never seen a healthy adult senegal before, they are absolutely stunning!

Wondering if the Senegal Parrot is the national bird of Senegal.