Say something for the camera Emmi...Please?

This is more of a rant. We are sitting at home with a house void of kids. Just my husband, Emmi and I. Emmi is sitting on her cage and says…"Pretty bird…pretty bird…thank-you…pretty bird…love you…hi baby…come here…here kitty pretty pretty bird!“Camera comes out and Emmi says…”…"Nothing, absolutely nothing. No matter how sneaky I am and even if she’s not facing me, if I move my phone at all she senses that she will be recorded. Any other time? Who cares if I move my phone? I could throw the phone across the room and she would just go about her buisness. She no longer talks at bedtime…she just goes to sleep. So no sneaking the camera by her covered up cage. And when getting a treat? She will say thank-you which sounds more like “dink do.” But when the phone is up to record, "…"Someday I will catch her talking.

Serves you right for wanting to show her off Ollies much the same, wont even talk when the kids are here but he only says helo and stuff I cant understand anyway.

It’s so bad! She does the kissy noise if I do it, but not if anyone is around and not if I’m on the phone. Lol