Searching for a new B&G

My B&G macaw died about 3 years ago. I haven’t gotten another one. I figured I wasn’t ready and couldn’t get lucky enough to find another B&G that would be as wonderful as my Bonnie.Fast forward to today. I just opened my own business and I am there about 10 hours per day. I am taking my two parrots with me since it will be a 7 day/week operation and I want them to continue to have lots of attention. I think now is the time to get another B&G. There are many great things about having them with me. Firstly, it won’t matter if they scream. Lots of big bird proof space and no one to disturb with noise. I was hesitant to get another macaw because I figured if I got a screamer, the hubby wouldn’t approve.Last week I went to Iowa Parrot Rescue. I love those people. Wait, what I meant was, I LOVE THOSE PEOPLE! I specifically went to see a B&G named Grocko. He is in his 40s, quite friendly and outgoing. We bonded for about an hour. He seems to talk a lot although at times I couldn’t understand his vocalizations with the noise from the other parrots but even if he doesn’t say a word, it wouldn’t matter.However, here is the issue. There is also another B&G there named Gomez. I hadn’t planned on bringing two birds with me but Gomez is the sort of guy that needs a miracle. He is partially plucked and has a scissor beak. (My Bonnie had one so I am well aware of the special care they require.) Gomez doesn’t know how to step up but rather has to be picked up and carried like a duck. The entire time I was there, sweet little Gomez was talking to and engaging with every person who walked by. He was really putting himself out there. Just begging for attention. I was smitten.My cage will be in this week and I’ll be picking up Grocko. Now I am afraid Gomez has stolen my heart too and I want to get a second macaw cage and take them both.Can someone please talk me out of this idea? This would put me at 5 birds. It isn’t an issue of space and cost. In fact, I am not sure what the issue is- maybe my lack of self control?!? If I take these two beautiful boys, that opens up additional space for the rescue.HELP?!

Well, don’t look at me! I would have walked out of there with both of them without a second thought. The only thing that worries me is that, if they live in the store, they are not going to be kept at a solar schedule (unless they all have sleeping cages in a back room) and these are old and ‘with issues’ birds…

I think at the rescue they are kept on a schedule with lights out at certain times but I could be wrong.As far as issues, I have issues too! But I’ve had 3 rehomed birds now and been able to work through stuff, (with the exception of my ecclectus, which I am working on now).Please help me dissuade myself from 2 birds. I BEG YOU! Don’t help me feed my pet addiction! lol

My dear, as we say in Spanish: You are going for water to the wrong port! I would never try to dissuade anybody with the means and love enough to rescue a second bird from doing it. I have around 40 birds and I would take even more if I could… so many of the poor darlings without a home of their own, it breaks my heart!The lights on and off at certain times doesn’t keep them from producing sexual hormones, only a strict solar schedule with exposure to dawn and dusk do.

I will admit that I am with Pajarita on this one, but I will say this… if you have a pet addiction, or any type of addiction, you must treat it as an addiction and stay away from where the things that you are addicted to are at.

Wolf~ It probably isn’t a true addiction but I do want to save the world and all the furry and feathered creatures in it. Prior to being married, I didn’t have to ask permission for such things as saving animals or taking in another stray. Marriage does have its perks though and in order to keep things on an even keel, my pet population at home is stable.Work is another deal altogether though. I can take my parrots there and if I want to get two more it shouldn’t be a problem.I do have to stay off rescue sights though for the most part. I love what they do but for the folks that treat animals inhumane, I can’t take it. I am not sure if it is menopause or what but when I read some of these stories, I just sob. Wish I could fix all the injustice done to these animals. So, I just do what I can, when I can and pray that someday some of these people would wake up.

Oh, Lord, you don’t know how well I hear you! I did full time rescue (dogs, cats, birds) for 6 years and I had to quit because I was, literally, killing myself trying to save them all! I was sleeping about 3 or 4 hours at night and, between the shelter and my house (I fostered dogs and cats as well as running my bird rescue), I was working myself into an early grave. Nowadays, I try to do a little bit here and there…and it usually works out but, on occasion, it doesn’t. This lady had asked me to take her old macaw and, although I don’t ‘do’ macaws because I don’t have the 30 ft room you need for them, I had agreed to this one because the bird was old and sick and it had become aggressive so I asked her to wait a few months until I get my new birdrooms so I could put him in my living room but I got an email the day before yesterday that he had gone into a bad seizure and died. And I’ve been feeling like crap since - I can’t stop thinking about him and feeling guilty for not taking him in sooner…

You can’t save them all. Birds, dogs,cats, horses, fish, even orphans–you can’t save them all. All you can do is make things a little better for the ones you can help.

Sherril has rose collored glasses and is an optimist. She sees things that she could change the lives of these critters.

Well, I don’t know if I agree with you, Liz. Wanting to help animals doesn’t necessarily mean that we see the world through rose colored glasses or that we are optimists, it just means that we are emphatic to their suffering.