Seattle area fostering information needed

oh gosh here i go again… my aunt just bought a house up in seattle whose previous owner died and the realtor mentioned that the house comes with a if my aunt wants it. she declined. she is a cat person.oh no.apparently, the woman did not leave a provision in the will and the survivors do not realize the responsibility that they have inherited. i implored my aunt to call the realtor back and get more information, in the meantime, can anyone offer up information about how to get this bird the care she/he needs in the seattle area? i am too swamped with my injury and work respoinsibilities to help as much as i would like, but if i am well informed, maybe i can get them to do something better for this bird. my assumption is that shipping the bird here to los angeles, where i could get him into foster care, is a bad idea.

I really wish I could help. I could give the bird a home but I live in NC and can’t come and get it and don’t have the money to fly it here. There are several other members that are closer and may be able to help in some way, at least I am hopeing so.

hmmm… your AG would have a friend then! that is wonderful of you. if the opportunity presents itself, i will get the bird to you. my aunt has contacted the realtor and as of yet no reply. i am due to call and check in, and will PM you if she is able to contact them.

Post in larger forums, where there are lots and lots of members, we are pretty small for a birdsite and don’t have that many. I am sure there are lots of good people in the Seattle area that would be more than willing to take her. I would love her to end up with Wolf but it’s a very long flight and one hears horror stories about animals been shipped as cargo…