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I was about to call this topic "Parrot Owner Sex." Jeeze, what would people think.Basically I have a strong suspicion that there is an overwhelming majority of parrot owners that are women. Now it could just be a bent representation in the online world as the result of times people go on or who take the time to go on. So yeah, just vote if you are male of female and then feel free to comment if you think the split is generally 50/50 or if it is biased in favor of one sex, then why do you think this is the case?

female here, i find more females are on this page then males like a 60/40??? i dont have an explanation thou…

Voted Male because my Son was the one that wanted a Budgie and this is why we got into Parrots. Having said that in reality my Son, Wife and myself are the owners.

Phew! When I saw "Sexing Parrot Owners" as the thread title I thought you wanted to know the differences between boys and girls. Ask your mother!(the MENTAL ones with lovely curves and bumpy bits are the females I think.)

Voted female.In general Michael, I think there are more women that own parrots. If I look at the demographics at the local parrot club meeting, I would say about 60 - 70% of the members are women.My husband was the one that orginally wanted to get a parrot … based on experiences with family members having parrots when he was a child. He still appreciates the birds and enjoys their company, but they are definitely my birds now. They are bonded to me and I take care of at least 90% if their care. If he had more patience and he was willing to listen to me he could have a better relationship with Lucy and Jessie.

Girl here. Funny, the members of my parakeet club are about 90% male (president is female though ). I think its a girls thing to go around and find as much information about something they take an interest in. But a male thing to sit around in smokey bars to talk about it

…my DNA results aren’t in yet…

Izver, that sounds like a familiar situation. My boyfriend was the one who wanted a parrot and now he hardly interacts with her and has no patience to get bit. I think Sadie’s entire past has been with females though, so I had it a lot easier bonding with her than he is, but still… Maybe that’s what it boils down to, women tend to have more patience than men. I can’t believe the results, 2/3 are women so far. I thought it’d be pretty even! By the way, I’m female. & Yes, I’ve had people online ask me “are you a girl?” when I use this username on every site. So if you meet any guys named Brittany, please let me know so I can understand why some people think it’s a boy’s name…

girl- i think because if you go up to a girl and you ask them what they want to be alot of times its a vet or something like that or ya know a nurse and you just think of girls as loving animals. and also i know if skeeter belonged to my dad skeeter would be dead because he has no patience and seeing what he does to my dog and cat when he gets mad… also my brother is nice but i dont think he just woudnt take care of him as much sure he likes skeeter aka birdbrain but he just wouldnt be right for a bird and boys i dont hink have as much patience as girls sometimes

I see far less bias in parrot ownership than horse ownership FWIW. My husband was the one who got me into this. He’s not on this forum, but he had birds long before he had me. And a lot of people think of parrots in terms of the old sea captain or pirate and his faithful companion – kinda macho. Michael, I think you’ll get the demographics on this site, but not the demographics on bird ownership. Whatever selection effect leads to dominantly youthful membership may also lead to a bias in gender (and I suspect the relevant point here is gender not sex). My two cents.I have to say that explaining it away using the stereotype of female=subordinate makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I was never like that. Wanted to be a doctor, not a nurse. Then a vet. Then a physicist. Was an engineer for a couple years. Wound up an astronomer/manager. I like animals, but so does my husband. One of the reasons his former marriage didn’t survive is because his wife wouldn’t let the cat sleep on the bed.