..Should I clip him?

My tiel, Apple has never been clipped in his life- or so I believe at least. He is a very good flier and enjoys it for sure. My concern is that he is very nervous by nature. Sometimes when I ask him to step up on to my hand from my shoulder, he will just fly off. Also, he can’t stand on my hand for more than a few seconds without taking off. Would clipping help him less flighty and more calm?

Up to you. You could try it and just keep in mind he’ll molt out and fly again if it doesn’t work out.

IMO it would make him less likely to fly into something in a startled panic, but it isn’t going to make him feel any less startled. Your call, but clipping basically limits mobility, it doesn’t change attitude directly (although it may as a result of having to work with the limited mobility). Personally, I’d do it if I thought he was less likely to get hurt (or hurt someone else) that way but I wouldn’t expect it to make him feel any different. If anything, not being able to escape the perceived danger might make him feel more fearful even if he wasn’t able to express it by flying off. However, time reverses clipping so you could give it a shot… but I’d be extra-careful not to face him with something too scary because he’ll have to tell you that using more subtle signals than attempting to escape on his own.

Clipping your bird WONT make him calmer. It will make him less ‘flighty’, not in personality, but because he literally can’t fly. He will still want to fly away from your hand, he just won’t be able to (or he may flutter onto the ground). Instead of directly preventing him from flying, an activity which you also said he enjoys, why not work on his behavioral problem itself - anxiety?

My budgies are more calm when they are flighted. I guess it gives them some sense of security. Einstein is pretty flighty too. Maybe it’s a cockatiel thing? Anyways, when he gets startled, I usually let him fly it out. I see no problem with this, and as he gets older, the better flier he becomes and the less crash landings we have to go through. I think if he likes being flighted, then let it be. But if you really think it’s a problem, a light clip won’t hurt anyone.

If I gently hold his body with my other hand when he steps up, the flight can be avoided. Just sometimes I feel he’s panicking and flying in circles when he knows I’m standing right in front of him. How can I overcome anxiety? I have conditioned him to allowing physical contact for the most part with the occasional bluffing nip, should I just hold him in place when I sense his anxiety?