Shoulder Parrot

I’m wondering how your parrots orient themselves on your shoulder. For whatever reason, Kili usually site facing behind me with her butt in my face. Sometimes she’ll even shake her tail out and those feathers fluff my face! So the way she is in this picture is actually the way she sits most of the time. Is that just a more comfortable grip for them? Is the view better that way? What’s this all about? I guess it doesn’t really matter but for pictures its hard to get her to face forward to look nice on my shoulder.

Mine go both ways; facing forward and facing backwards.I don’t think they have a preference for either…

I thinks it’s our face. It goes out and we have a chin (I know I sound stupid bare with me). Spike likes to lean in and cuddle my neck. Right now his body is perfect to fit into my neck by facing backwards. I think our birds will look for a more open position, so facing backwards they don’t have a big face in their little one.If that makes sense to you.

Mine almost always faces forward. I think he likes to see where we’re going and what I’m doing. When he steps up onto my shoulder he’s facing backwards but he quickly turns around. Maybe there’s a difference between how small parrots and medium/large parrots prefer to sit?

Mines like sitting in shoulder too but I don’t like it because I heard that if the parrot bites you in the ear it bleeds immediately because there is a very soft skin . If you know anything else please tell me because I like having them in shoulder but If it is risky I won’t do it …

parrotsaver wrote: . If you know anything else please tell me because I like having them in shoulder but If it is risky I won’t do it … Parrots being allowed on your shoulder can be very dangerous. I don’t have much experience with smaller parrots but larger birds can do a lot of damage very quickly. It’s really up to each individual if they want to risk having a bird on their shoulder and it really depends on the bird’s temperament and your relationship with the bird. Keep in mind that even if you know and trust your bird not to bite that a bird will also bite for reasons other than aggression such as fear or simply to regain balance. I’ve heard of (and experienced) cases of amazons biting the person they’re perched on simply because they don’t like another person or object in the room. If they can’t reach what/who they want to bite they’ll sometimes bite the closest thing, which is you. It’s up to you to know your bird and to evaluate the risks for yourself. Good luck!

Have you ever lost a parrot, even if for just a few minutes? In your own home, outside, or other? How did you find it?

I’ve got two Sennies I trained Hide the to always sit on my left shoulder and my other to always sit on my right. Reason: Hide can’t fly and isn’t as strong as Cain who would (I think it was by accident ) open her wings, fly around the room, land back on my shoulder and knock him off.I’ve never recieved a bite on the face from my birds, if you have long hair you can prevent them from biting your ears by putting your hair in a ponytail wherein it covers your ears.Don’t over work or push your luck with your birds, as long as you notice the warning signs that they’ve had enough shoulder riding I really don’t think they would have a reason to bite.

Myrtle took my left shoulder so Rambo is only allowed on the right one. He always turns forward. Myrtle is another matter. Sometimes she isn’t even right side up.