Shoulder Parrot

		Do you try to balance parrot on your shoulder?

				Yes, I'm afraid it might fall off
				No, it's the parrot's job to balance
				I don't put my parrot on my shoulder
				Total votes : 19

When you walk around with your parrot on your shoulder do you huddle over, walk slowly, or do anything to balance your parrot on its shoulder? Or do you walk as though it’s not even there and let it hold on and balance on its own? How much of a hindrance on normal activity is your parrot being on your shoulder? Can you function effortlessly or does it get in the way?

I walk around normally. My birds are small though. They always have a really good grip, and I’ve never had a problem with them losing their balance or flying off out of discomfort or anything. Einstein spends a good amount of time on my shoulder. I think it might be different if I had a bigger bird. Anything amazon sized or bigger has a lot more added weight.

I don’t make a super big deal out of it, but I am careful if I’m bending over or navigating through tight quarters. It’s mostly Scooter I shoulder at this point. He’s quite polite about it, does not climb up unless invited and the only real naughtiness he engages in is playing with earrings if I get too involved in something else.Scotty we are probably going to stop allowing on shoulders at all for a while, as he has become quite pushy about it. He will step up off the shoulder fairly obediently, but he almost launches himself up there without any invitation and on top of that has decided ears are something to explore with his beak. So… if he is going to be allowed there at all, we’re going to need to train him to do so only on command. Too bad, really, but he’s quite relentless in pursuing things that amuse him.

I said that it’s the parrot’s job to balance. I don’t go out of my way to make sure my shoulder is perfectly level or walk at a snail’s pace to make sure the parrot is standing effortlessly. Both of my parrots seem fine as I go about the house doing day-to-day things. The only thing I do differently is I’ll usually bend down slower if I’m picking something up. I can do things a little quicker with my conure, she just climbs on my shoulders and back like a little monkey. My amazon is a little more sensitive to sudden movements do to his weight.

I said yes that I do try to help my parrots balance better. I definitely walk slower, don’t make sudden movements and make sure I keep my shoulder as still as possible.

Lorenzo does fine on my shoulder as long as im wearing something covering my shoulders. If im wearing a sleavless summer top, he hasnt got much grip on my skin and I have to be more careful. Hoodies are his favorite as theres plenty to grip. Otherwise i can walk normally and he balances just fine:)

I don’t let my birds up on my shoulder most of the time ,and they don’t try to get there, i wear a neck perch that they love, it let’s me do all kinds of things and still have the bird with me, i can bend over and pick stuff off the floor and they’re find and don’t flutter or lose their balance, i can use both hands to wash the dishes , the birds love to ride on it when in the truck (i know, i know) and i can secure them if need be by placing one hand on their back if something startles them (like traffic when getting out of the truck, or going thru automatic doors)’.Mandy G, Paco’s mom and i covered all this on a thread called Amazon under the species post, page 7 i think. anyway here’s a pic

I’ve never really thought about it since there has never been a problem. The only time its an issue is when there is no cloth on my shoulders for her to grip… otherwise I can walk at a normal pace. For larger birds, I don’t think I’d let them be on my shoulders anyways (I’m thinking of amazons, cockatoos, macaws, ect.) When she’s grooming herself or just hanging out on my shoulder she doesn’t get in the way at all. I have long hair to protect my neck and ears so I don’t have to worry about her nibbling my skin like my dad complains she does to him. She does have the troublesome habit of trying to shirt-dive when on my shoulders, and I really don’t need a bird crawling under my shirt…

Merlin pretty much rides on my shoulder most of the time as I travel from room to room. I can do almost anything and he does not seem to have a problem staying in place. The only times I am careful is when bending down to pick something up (as he usually runs down my back, then back up when I stand up) and when I am navigating through hanging items that could knock him off my shoulder. Otherwise he seems to have no problems being there or in my hand, depending on what he is interested in doing.