So excited, but so much to learn!

I have just acquired a breeding pair of African Grey’s! I am so excited about this as I have always wanted an Afrcan Grey, but shew…I have so much to learn! The guy I am getting them from has offered to teach me some stuff which is really great! So looking forward to this new bird adventure!

Hey Tandi, congrats, i have a pair of TAGs but they’re pretty wild, i have to shield their cage from view and leave them alone or they won’t breed.However there’s a lady on another site who has a tame pair in her kitchen who breed just fine.As a matter of fact i sometimes go months without seeing the hen,as she hides in the box.But they’re wild caught birds and hate people.Good Luck with yours.PS it’s hard not to keep the 1st baby for yourself !!

Yep, I can see myself keeping the first baby! Heehee!

I went yesterday morning to meet my pair of CAG’s and to learn as much as possible from the guy I am getting them from! It was a great day and I am super excited to get my birds! He did tell me to remember that these birds are not pets and that they are semi wild! He is also custom building an aviary for me, and I will be getting my birds and the aviary on Thursday!

Sounds like a sweet deal, mine aren’t semi-wild they’re full-wild .

Got my gorgeous pair of CAG’s and they are just beautiful! They are very wild…heehee! They seem to be settling in okay! All looking good so far!

Gimme one of your babies!!