So, I guess we have a rooster now

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	So what do you do when a hobo rooster just kind of moves in?Rocky Rooster, so named because we witnessed him fight off 3 dogs, has decided that our front garden is his forever home now.I think he was just a random town chicken that was pecking around. But our garden has a tree for him to sleep in and stale parrot food on the lawn daily.The vet (mind you very expensive avian vet) was a little surprised to see me bringing in a chicken  for tests, but I have to make sure that my CAG is safe.So now I learn that they can live for about 15 years with proper care. He already comes to the front door to have a peek inside the house, but my CAG    isnt phased he just *barks* at him, woof woof!

Yay for roosters! He looks so plump and cute all sleepy! I’m kinda interested how this will turn out, because I’ve never heard of a rooster adopting anybody!

Any updates on your rooster friend? Like the other poster I haven’t heard of one adopting a new home either.Glad you had the sense to ensure your parrots would be ok but just remember if its going in and out all the time then it may not stay disease free.

Okay so Rocky Rooster has been cleared by the vet , but I will still need to take him in for regular checkups.He has since decided that he need not be afraid of humans and struts around outside quite happily.He still lives outside and sleeps in his tree, but when I come home from work there are my two dogs and the rooster waiting for me at the gate! hahaThe other day it rained a bit in the afternoon, and was very chilly, so I opened the front gate and Rocky Rooster ran past me, into the house, and went and lay down straight in front of the heater to dry off! The audacity!

Awwww, what a wonderful story and what a wonderful person you are for taking him in!