So remember that bird I am waiting for

Ugh, my baby is a real baby!! They are still on 2 feedings a day so it looks like first or second week of October…Hopefully it won’t be too cold to send him then Anyway, I will try not to whine until then…nuts! Marlies and some day Mr.Darcy

So cool, Can’t wait to see photos of him!! How old is he now and has he started eating a little on his own yet?

Just remember that the longer he hand feeds, the more adaptable and healthy he will be when he comes home! Too many breeders force wean on a schedule… it’s so much better for them to wean at their own pace. You’ll have a healthier baby when you finally get him!

I know you are right pchela, its just me going nuts!! The breeder is great, he will not send him early. He was on 3 feedings and just the last few days he and his siblings have begun to refuse the 3rd feeding. So I am glad the breeder is not rushing the birds. He has quite a large business. Right now he has I think 10 on hand feedings various stages and several on eggs…all different breeds. and sun conure, blue headed pionusMy baby and his siblings hatched June 12-14th So I quess that is about right for him to wean at about 4 months, i was just hoping it would be sooner Oh well, sie la vie Marlies

hey just think… one more month!!! yay!

Mr.Darcy wrote:He was on 3 feedings and just the last few days he and his siblings have begun to refuse the 3rd feeding.That’s really great to hear they are begining to refuse feeds, that tells me the breeder isn’t force weaning them Interestingly as soon as they begin to start flying, this is when they really refuse being fed and if you think about it, this makes sense as this is the way it would work in the wild. Once the birds can fly there is no need for the parents to feed the young.Looks like the countdown is on!

Yes, the countdown is on! It won’t take nearly as long for them to refuse the second and then final feedings as it did for them to refuse the third feeding if that makes you feel any better.

It usually takes ages fro them to switch from three to two feedings. But when theyre finally on two feeds a day they will grow up super fast. I remember when I was handfeeding my cockatiel Guus, he was on three feedings when I got him. It took him two weeks to go from three to two but he was completely weaned two weeks later!

YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! That about sums it up! And thanks to everyone for sharing in my excitement…its nice to share!!oh and nice new photo a.susz!Marlies

Mr.Darcy wrote:Hopefully it won’t be too cold to send him then Where is your breeder located again?Oh and anticipation is part of the fun!