Some exciting/scary news!

Hey everyone! I have some exciting/scary news to tell you, and I will spam you with a few photos too!So you know it is about my Bearded dragons. Yesterday was Mira and Marleys birthday!!! They are both one year now!

Lol sorry, bet you thought that was all, see how skinny Mira is? I thought she was com/impacted because she hadnt pood for days, days and eventually over a week. So I had stopped feeding her as much in attempt to get it to pass before more went in. And see the yellow on Marleys face? Mira was pregnant, last night she laid 15 eggs, 1 unfertile, 1 Marley tried to eat (and popped), and 13 were fertile and we are attempting to incubate. I dont really know if I want to hatch them or not, seeing as I am not for breeding. But look at these georgious eggs. They were allot fuller this morning, but they shrivled a bit as we quickly did our research and got everything set up, (so i dont think they will hatch.) Also see the three eggs squished up all close, they are actually stuck together, i think that when this happens the mom is officially a ‘gluer’ meaning she glues her eggs to eachother and other things (walls, branchez ect:) If they hatch it will take 50 or so days. I feel really bad and like a huge fool for reducing her food because she was ‘fat’. Now look how skinny she is If I considered the fact that she ‘could’ have been pregnant and not been so black and white, I would have provided her with proper nesting material, extra calcium on food, and a lot more energy food in general. Poor gal is weak and tired now. Well, I will certainly do better next time, even if I sold Marley she would lay unfertile clutches, and If I dont, It just means I have the option to incubate. (even though we have a really cheap incubator, that we didnt suceed in hatching ducklings with.)My only real concern is that Marley and Mira are siblings, so if they hatch it may not go to well. But I think for a probblem to occur the same genes would have to be bred together in more than one (forget the name now!) step down, say then the children breed with eachother, then we have a problem.Sorry for posting such an bird unrelated topic, but this was a huge suprise, and I definately wasnt expecting it, I thought that they only bred once they had had their first brumation, or their second season. I dont know if i am to thrilled with their breeding, but it certainly suprised me.

		The thirteen good eggs.			image.jpg (133.23 KiB) Viewed 3495 times

That’s awesome! I love bearded dragons! They’re so interesting.I see you did a good job keeping them the same side up (for anyone unfamiliar with reptiles, the embryo settles on the bottom with the air bubble near the top. Turn them over, and they suffocate). So far, you seem to be doing fine. There are reptile egg incubators you can buy, if you don’t have one already. I can send you some links, if you want.

Thankyou JessieMuse We had a hard time finding where the embryos actually were though ! We found that the incubators were all really dear! Like $160-200+ (pretty much anytging with the word 'reptile is) But if you have some links, id certainly love to see Lol they dont stop pooing hehe! Thanks

I heard that the “hova bator” is really good with reptile eggs as well as bird eggs, and you can find it online for less than 50 dollars. Here’s a link to one: … Amf58P8HAQI’ve seen them more expensive, that comes with a bunch of extra stuff, but it’s thinga like paper cups and such to hold softer reptile eggs. You could probably put something in there so they don’t have to sit on the wire bottom (not sure how reptile eggs fair on a wire bottom).I’ve seen chicken egg incubators for as cheap as 20, too (they hold somewhere around 2-8 eggs though). Not sure how well they incubate reptiles though. Will have to look into that.

Thankyou, this is awesome! Great link I will show Mum and look for an Aus seller. (On ebay the postage from America to here is $80+ ) But thanks

Really I would say definitely don’t hatch them if they are known related. It honestly isn’t worth it. Glad you know what was wrong now so you can start feeding her up.

Ok, thankyou. I really dont think they will hatch.

When you said incubator I hoped you knew what your are doing. But the red marks shows you do.My son made his own incubator. He breeds and morphs Ball Pythons and has done really well. As a child I told his teachers that he was a sponge. He soaked up as much info and knowledge that they gave. (did not do well in school. He was so busy absorbing that he did not give back except for tests) He, with the internet, have learned in detail the genetics to the point that every once in a while I loose him in this other language.He has bred a son back to a mother to bring out the charictaristics that he wants. He is known world wide as

Well they definitely don’t look like the eggs we used to get from the beardies where I used to work so you may well be right. Just from a personal point of view I just wouldn’t bother trying because of the genetics. I know someone who had a similar situation only they did hatch but she lost half of them before they were 2 weeks old and the others were deformed. I think I remember her saying only 1 out of 12 reached adulthood and had no deformities.