Spending extremely hours away from home :(

Don’t know if you have seen it in the news where you are, there is a massive fire burning close to where I live. I’m not in danger from the fire but the stress and tiredness might get me.google Northcliffe Fire to see news on itSo far it has burnt 80,000 hectares (197,684 acres) and fire perimeter is around 240 km (149 miles) long.I am a SES volunteer, helping as support for the fire incident management.I have been a comms room radio operator over 4 days doing 1/2 days at my local SES HQ. A phone answerer, message carrier human switchboard all at once at the regional DFES headquarters that is in my home town in a shifts of 5 and 13 hours plus a short 4 hours out of a 12 hour shift, I had to leave early due to migraine headache that pain medication did two things jack and shit. talk about bad timing I spent the rest of the day at home glad that Enya is a quite bird.Today I spent helping fill water bombing aircraft with water not that we did much today just a lot of hurry up and wait. Cloud was too low most of day to use them there wasn’t enough vertical air space lots is needed because there is 2 layers of planes the bombers then higher up the control plane directing drops and air traffic.In the last week I have spent 63 hours away from, my younger brother who lives with me has been home even less. We have been doing 12 or longer hours most days when we are home we are feeding pets, spending some time with Enya our IRN or sleeping. Besides yesterday when I spent the day wishing that my head wasn’t attached to me, I have haven’t had any time to spend with Enya neither has my brother. If the shit really hits the fan and Pemberton is evacuated Enya will end up at my mums across the road from tent city in Manjimup that army has set up and still setting up. She would be there for at least 3 to 10 days while i’m volunteering and sleeping and eating in that order.My mums partner is a very unwell and due to his last stroke is scared of all animals even my dog who he used to spoil rotten, so Enya will spend most of the day caged.What can I do during and after this clusterf##k to help Enya cope I’m worried that she will become less bonded to my brother and I and I’m worried that her harness training will go back to the beginning, it took 2 weeks just to train her to put her head thru the hoop and leave the harness alone for a few seconds. Starting again would suck. For both of us Enya and me.The smoke also worries me but there isn’t anything that can be done except keeping the birds inside and luckily its not that thick when it does roll in for a fews hours at a time.Asking for hope, advice and a hug, Thanks in advanceMightyMidget

That is indeed a rough one for you all to have to go through, I have had to fight some pretty big fires from farmers setting fires to burn their fields, but nothing of this size. I know what you are going through even though I went through it on a smaller scale and honestly I am at a loss for words but am hoping for the best for all of you. This smoke is going to be much worse for your bird as her respiratory is about 20 time more sensitive than ours. Even if this sets your training back some your bird should pick it back up much quicker than it took to train it the first time around, but that is about the best information that I can think of at this time. I didn’t know anything about this fire but will look into it when I finish here to see what is going on. I sure wish that there were something that I could do to make this easier for you, but all I can do is try to keep abreast of what is going on there and hope and wish for the best for you and yours and I most certainly am doing that.

I just finished reading about the fires and it appears that they were started by lightening and that their are more storms on the way in. Officials have been telling residents to evacuate immediately due to the fire danger. Hope you all make it through this safely, but it looks like it is going to be a rough one. Wishing nothing but the best for you.

Make sure the room she is in is sealed as well as can be (tuck things around the edges of the doors, put plastic around the windows, etc. and get a good air purifier for the room. As to her training, that’s really not important at all, the problem is that she will be lonely, confused and scared but I don’t see what you can do about it…

So what is the latest on the fires? It doesn’t appear to rate MSN coverage and even googling it doesn’t give me much information. How is your bird doing and your family as well? How are you holding up?