Spotted Lost Budgie

I spotted a lost yellow/black Budgerigar in Brooklyn today. I tried to get it to step up but it would not. It was not terribly scared of me but would not approach or allow to be grabbed. Whenever I approached closer than a foot, it would fly a few feet further away. Then it flew up to a wire. I came back an hour later with millet but the budgie was no longer there. I sprinkled some millet on the ground where I had spotted it and will keep checking back for a bit and see if I can catch it in a towel. If anyone in this area has lost a bird or has advice for finding/catching it for return, let me know.

If you hang a little cage with food and water it might go to it as a familiar refuge.

This is a tough one. I have had some success with placing a millet spray inside a very small cage with a food and water dish. That way the little guy recognizes a cage and will probably approach it. Of course you won’t be walking around with a cage all the time. But if you have the time you could try that method. The only other thing is to sit on the ground within his sight and have the millet spray with you so that he can see it. Also, a dish of water that you can splash around with your finger might get his attention. A towel would be better than a net because chances are better that he has seen a towel before where as a net could be more frightening and cause him not to approach. I have found that the budgies are the hardest to catch. I had one last year that I tried for days to get, but was not successful. However, a couple weeks ago I was able to get one that had been hanging around the aviary. That one was easy. It was really interested in my parakeets and the little guy was pretty hungry. Too bad you don’t have Duke anymore. You could have brought him in a little cage to the park. I bet that would get that little one down to see what he was all about. A spray of millet on the top of the cage that he was in would have drawn that little one to sit on top of the cage and share a meal. Then you could’ve snagged him with a towel.

I would try to find an owner but if no one comes I would keep the little gu. dont take it to a shelter. They’ll proboly put it down.

I left some millet out where I spotted the bird and came back a bunch of times but never spotted it again. I saw a yellow bird fly by but it turned out to be a golden oriole. I hoped the little guy would have stayed in the area and come back for the seeds. Shame, poor guy probably didn’t have the survival skills (and neither the tameness to just come to a person that might help).

I had a flock of Starlings living in my back yard when Bubba, a male tiel, got out of the house. He stayed outside the sun room for a few days trying to get Sweetie to come out. When the Starlings move he went with them. They accepted him but I don’t know if he could survive after summer. He did not come back with the Starlings this year.