Stetching is for Babies?

I’ve noticed that most baby parrots tend to stretch a lot. They stretch one leg/wing then the other, then both. Truman did this a lot as a baby and so did pretty much any parrot I’ve encountered. However, as adults I rarely see them do this. I wonder if it’s because babies do that a lot and adults don’t? Or adults hide it better when we’re not around? Or what?Anyone else notice this or have an explanation?

Wheatley stretches a lot, as does Sugar. Wheatley has just turned two, and Sugar is just over a year old. I just thought it was natural behaviour, if they hadn’t had much out of cage time. I’ll have to keep and eye on them now.

Actually, both our parrots stretch just as you described it daily. They are 2.5 years old.

Peanut stretches. She’s turning 2 next May, so she’s young. I love it when she does it, she shows off those beautiful wings of hers.

All my parrots stretch every morning and I don’t have any babies so I think it’s a matter of how early you get up to observe them

Yeah, my parrots also stretch daily, especially soon after waking up.

Our GCC stretches multiple times a day, usually if she’s been sitting on us for a while and then needs to go poop, she’ll stretch both sides just before flying off - so approximately every 15-20 minutes. She’s ~4ish years now.

My 4 month old quaker stretches every day, he’s so cute