Sun Conure killed our green Cheek

I am have to say I have no knowledge of these birds at all. My Son had a vibrant Conure and bought a green cheek. Then he realized they where having a baby and gave us the 2 birds. The 2 birds lived together in a nice cage for a year. argued a lot some feathers flying at times. as they grew the green cheek seemed much smaller but dominated. But today the Green cheek was dead head crushed and the bigger vibrant Conure seems relieved. Has anyone have knowledge of a Conure killing another. Like I said I have no knowledge of these birds I Feel bad that the little guy had his head smashed. I know my post may sound callous and I am sorry for it. I don’t think I should have taken on these two without better knowledge. I am just shocked that the little pineapple was killed by the other after a year together. Grossly I might add smashed his beak and face. kinda traumatizing

That is truly awful. I am so sorry that it happened and that you could not see it coming.You never know what is going on in their minds. It might not even have been on purpose. It could have been a rage as a human would. Don’t hold it against him. You have no idea what caused it. The Conure could have had a bad headache that day and the other would not back off.I rescued two mated Cockatiels who had been together for years. He turned into a wife beater and she had the attitude of a battered wife and wanted to be with him no matter what he did. It was painful but not lethal. I separated them with new mates and they did fine.

Oh, geez! What a terrible, terrible thing to have happened! And that poor GCC… she must have been under a HUGE amount of stress for so long. The only birds you can house together are two that are mate-bonded. And yes, knowledge is essential.

Thank You for the Replies. I Feel really bad that I did not know the difference between a stress cry and a happy chat. ;(

That is just horrific. You should have separated those birds as soon as you saw any sign of them not getting along. Poor little green cheek! The sun conure was probably so big and intimidating for the little GCC, he was under so much constant stress, nowhere safe to go… I’m surprised he didn’t start plucking or screaming constantly. I’m so sorry for your loss

I should have picked up that the little Green Cheek was first to the food dish and seemed although much smaller the dominant Bird. Did not realize that tension was building.

Though many seem to be adding to your guilt just keep in mind that the Conure is no longer scared. Mourn her loss and move on. It is a shame that you did not see it but you can’t keep beating yourself up. We have all learned from this and will be more aware in the future.