Sunflower seed addiction!

anyone of you having this problem? I got absolutely hooked by sunflower seeds! Now my bird is watching me crunching through his treats everyday… I can’t stop myself! Would that present any health problem?

Search sunflower seed nutritional value on the computer. A quarter cup is a serving because they are high in fat.

Yeah, a cup of sunflower seeds…with shells…has 269 calories, of which 213 come from fat. It would probably take you a little more than an hour on a treadmill to burn off that many calories.

Thanks, I would just keep crunching… LOL

Don’t buy them, the addiction will stop

I too love sunflower seeds but BE CAREFUL…do not eat the shells. I am a nurse and I have seen patients who needed surgery because the shells caused a blockage in the bowel!

Thats scary! I rarely eat sunflower seeds unless they are available (friends are eating them, etc) but when I do I always eat the shells…eeek!

Well, don’t worry, as a chinese, we’re probably experts of opening seeds with our tooth, probably second to parrots… LOL So I don’t need to eat the shells as well.