Sweetie is gone

Three nights ago when I was telling my birdie babies goodnight Sweetie was on the bottom of the cage rocking back and forth as if she was going to lay an egg. I found her dead the next morning. She was only about 14 so it was not old age.When I removed her body Shadow started calling. He knew she was gone before I did so I didn’t understand the calling. He then switched between calling and singing. It was very confusing until I saw the top of his head was pecked. He was trying to steal Tammy and Tommy was trying to defend what was his.Sweetie was the matriarch and the first to try anything. That sweet baby is gone.I did not want to replace any pets but decided I must do it or loose one of the males. We called around asking for an older cockatiel who could even be handicapped as long as she was healthy.We even asked for a breeder bird past her time. Everyone thought we were crazy. Finally a pet shop called back that a breeder had a wild one. We pick her up today. I’ll let you know how things went.It is so strange not to have my happy little yellow baby. Shadow comes to the side of the cage to tell me his problem. I wish he could understand my words.

That’s a terrible loss, and I’m sorry. I do hope things work out for you.

So sorry about the passing of your bird, I know its not much but it’s all I can do, I hope that the new bird and Shadow hit it off.

Very sorry for your loss Liz, all the best from me and our flock!

Aww, sorry to hear. Welcome back.

Oh, so sorry about your loss but, you know, lutinos don’t last as long as the ‘normals’ so 14 was not that young. I hope everything goes well with the new girl, let us know if we can be of help.

i am so sorry for your loss!it makes me very sad hearing about such a beloved bird passing.

Cockatiels are flockers and it has been my experience with them that as soon as a new one comes through the door they know it and start calling. As soon as Shadow heard her he stopped singing.Maggie has been calling to them but they do not answer. It has me spooked.Maggie is an all gray 4 year old and much bigger than Shadow but all of them are bigger than Shadow. He is a tiny little guy with a big personality. I was hoping for an older girl. Shadow is at least 10 and Rachel said Tommy and Tammy are about the same age.I wonder if they are freaked out by hearing another girl and knowing it is not Sweetie’s voice.

Yes, indeed they are! Tiels are intensely flock oriented and that’s why is so sad when people have only one. But no, they don’t freak out by another bird’s vocalizations. She is most likely telling them her name and they are learning it and getting used to her so, most likely, their silence is just their way of paying attention.

Now I am crying for Sweetie and Shadow. I hope Maggie works out. Birdie hugs for all.