Syncrude Tragedy

I am very disappointed in my country. I’m not sure if this is “big news” around the world, but here it’s truly a tragedy. Syncrude is a sand oil company. Now, I’m not too sure how exactly the extraction of oil is done, but from what I’ve heard, it’s a pretty ‘dirty’ job. I really need to do some more research about it, and this weekend I’ll try to learn more.Anyways, these oil sands are in Alberta. From what I’ve read, they use water mixed with the sand to extract the oil. The leftover water, after the oil is extracted, is then poured into “tailing ponds”, which contains a mixture of clay, sand water and hydrocarbons. Now, I’m no scientist, but water used from extracting oil, mixed in with this other “stuff” doesn’t seem like the kind of place people would let their children play in, or drink from. So, now there’s a bunch of these ponds. Add that to migrating ducks, trying to find a place to drink, and we get 1600 dead ducks. I know this is a parrot forum, but I’m sure everyone here has sympathy for all of our feathered friends. This may not be as big as the BP oil spill, but it’s still depressing. You’d think oil companies would of learned from BP. I also had this notion that Canada would go that extra step to protect our wildlife. I kind of have a feeling that the oil sands will continue and more and more wildlife will be harmed. I’m not sure if this is a problem now, but what if that water reaches our drinking water? If 1600 ducks have died already, who knows how it could effect us. Alberta’s soil could be ruined. I’m sorry if i got some of my facts wrong, if anyone knows more on the subject, please post. I think that more people should know about this. Thanks for reading my rant