Tank tops with birds on shoulders

Random question: Any advice for how to make tank tops work with birds? My parrotlet and cockatiel sit on my shoulders a lot, and as the weather warms up I’m wondering how I’m going to make this work :stuck_out_tongue: I am very warm natured, it’s 65 outside and I’m already sitting in my apartment wearing sleeveless shirts…when it was only Zelda (parrotlet) it wasn’t so bad as she would sit on a scarf around my neck, but Falcor is too big for that, and of course they both can’t sit there at once. He needs to be able to hang on, and I need protection from birdie claws. Surely someone has had this issue before. Any tips?

Just make a wide collar that covers your shoulders.

Or drape a towel, a pashmina or some other type of material around your shoulders.

I’ve been using old t shirts wrapped around my neck, but they slide off a lot…I’ll figure something out. Maybe I can find some parrot-safe clip to make sure they stay on. I know this is a small problem compared to other posts on here, but I really hate the heat

A large bobby pin, a small hair clip, a large paper clip or a small binder clip should do the trick.

Pajarita, they will do their best to get the pin or clip out. Myrtle can disassemble anything.

Yes, you are right about that! But maybe she can place it under a fold or something like that.

http://www.mysafebirdstore.com/BIRD_GIF … Denim.htmlI have this. My gcc goes INSANE about those toys that hang from it. It’s a regular link, so you can take them off.


I know Michael sells bird products, so if it’s gauche to post a link to a competitor’s site, let me know and I’ll remove it.