The Birds All Alone

My whole bedroom is empty now all thats in there is bird cages and their stand which is on top of my drawer and my wardrobe and I have to sleep downstairs on the couch until Tuesday when my new bed comes cant wait I’m glad that huge bunk bed is gone it took up so much space and there is now more flying space for the birds.And I cant wait to add more stuff to the bird room its gonna be great and since I have much more space now ill be able to continue recall training with Rocko because he is only comfortable doing it in my bedroom and I can do longer distances now.Everybody got a nice breakfast today and Tiko was happy I gave her some, they all got Lentils,Green and Purple grapes,Strawberries and this grassy broccoli they love it and I hide their seed under it so they have to forage through it and eat it too.Hopefully the weather will be nice tomorrow and I can bring them out in the sun, ill put them in the travel cage so I don’t have to hold them and they can get food and water whenever they need it, I especially want to bring Mango and Loki out to absorb some calcium because Mango’s beak is peeling and going a bit off colour and Loki just seems to really need it lol.