The Caroline and Tyler Nolan Situation

is it just me or has she lost it? First off, the title of her video is straight-up clickbait and she doesn’t even spell Tyler’s name correctly in the title. The video is somewhat lengthy (oh, she disabled comments on the video too)

If you don’t know what is going on, basically Tyler Nolan created this video about his bird plucking:

Caroline starts bashing Tyler publicly by creating this video:

The internet is going crazy and showing how they truly feel by leaving comments on tylers videos:

Not only are they leaving comments on Tylers videos but the bird lover community is leaving comments on another YouTubers channel, Marlene Mc’cohen, that created a video which contains a bird she is baby sitting for Caroline:

Here are some of the comments left on the video by Marlene Mc’cohen that contains Carlines Hyacinth Macaw

I won’t say anything else because I want you guys to decide on your own but what’s your opinion about Carolines video?


TBH, I’m not a fan of hers. She tends to over-exaggerate things in her videos and she seems like she has no idea how to properly care for those birds sometimes. The videos that really pushed me over the edge were the ones accusing vets of A) killing her bird and B) not properly helping them. She often tells her audience how evil vets are and it’s concerning that Marlene is a close friend of hers. I don’t understand how you have freaking macaws and don’t have designated avian vets to care for them when they get injured.
As for the Tyler Nolan situation, she really has no right to say how he should be caring for his bird, which he seems to take great care of and most likely is reaching out to people that can help with the situation. No hate to anyone, but people should just stay away from her problematic content all together so that misinformation stops being spread.

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