The cutest parrot video on youtube

Here it is. I watched this on repeat for about two days straight after seeing it for the first time. If this doesn’t warm your heart, you’re probably dead.

That has to be one of the cutest things!! The noises she makes are adorable!!! Thanks for sharing it!

what a cutie! smart bird!!

He’s cute, but I’m a bigger fan of Bowie

Marnie is hilariouse. He really loves his cockatiel.

Here is my new favorite youtube parrot video. This really shows why owning parrots is fun. Everything is just so much more exciting:

It’s funny that you posted that, because I was just looking through some other videos by her. and although it is cute (and a little disturbing, i don’t know why ) I noticed that her birds are not on a harness. But I guess it is good that her galah would always fly back to her when she started doing her dancy thingy thanks for sharing.

Omg that video is SO cute!!!

yes these are adoooooorable.My parrot thinks he’s singing along with me too, it’s so funny, and also adorable.