The importance of healthchecks on new additions

On wednesday we bought a beautiful baby girl… a Stanley Rosella that I named Ashley. She was ofcourse quarantened. Today we took her for a healthcheck at our avian vet, they did the works; blood samples, x-rays you name it. This was just a simple thing to reassure us… then we went to pick her up and the vet told us… she is sick.Her liver is twice the size it should be, she was probably born with this but illness could not be rules out. She has not had any contact with Joe, otherwise he could have maybe gotten sick.So I would like to stress the importance of healthchecks and quarenteen!But I ofcourse feel horrible now. I would have prefered to put her to sleep right there because she is definitly going to have a poor quality of life BUT if the breeder knew she was sick he shouldnt be alowed to get away with it. We had to bring her back to him… not ‘to get our money back’, she isnt a product but he just isnt suppose to sell sick birds, make money off of sick birds and we couldnt just say we put her to sleep and expected our money back, he would never have done that and then he would have made business off of her. But I spend hours driving to get her and spend hours talking to her and told her she was home now and she would never have to leave and that she could play with Joe soon. She sat on my hand after just one day… she trusted me. Now she is in a small cage in a shed isolated from everyone at the breeders house. She is all alone and it breaks my heart. She is just a baby and her life got drasticly worse today and I cant help her.I just keep on thinking ’ I want my bird back, I want my bird back’ over and over again. And ‘Im sorry, Im sorry’ over and over again.

I’m so sorry to hear that. I really hope the breeder does whats best if she cant be treated and will suffer. It’s a really good thing you followed the quarrentine advice- many dont.

Im so sorry your new baby is sick. And I feel even worse you had to give her back & she’s isolated in a shed alone. You said her liver is twice the size it should be? Did your avian vet tell you what is wrong with her? Can it be cured? If at all possible could you get her back at a very very discounted price or for free and could she live the remainder of her days happy in your house, obviously completely separated from Joe to protect him, just so she lives the rest of her days spoiled & happy with you and not miserable in a shed alone?? As cheesy as it sounds, follow your heart. Do what you feel is best.