The Land of Parrots

That was one of the names they considered for Australia because of the large variety of them there (specifically "Psitacorum regio") but this article is actually about an Australian artist and his parrot portraits - very nice pictures!

Australia Land of Parrots Parrots and cockatoos are the most conspicuous birds in Australia. They’re everywhere, and often in large numbers. From the dense rainforests of the tropical north to the cold, wind-swept coast of Southern Australia and the arid deserts of the interior, every region is inhabited by parrots. assignment writing service

I would so love to be there and see the beauty for myself.I am from the north and the most beautiful bird there is the Cardinal. In my yard in Florida all I see are Ravens and Egrets except for the many preditor birds.

Yeah, me too. But my traveling days are over and not because I am old or anything but because I can’t leave my animals for that long. My husband wanted to spend a long weekend somewhere for our wedding anniversary next month because we never go anywhere together anymore (and he is always complaining about it) - and I had agreed to it and was even enthused about the whole thing but I am now having second thoughts… I haven’t told my husband and I might end up going anyway because this never doing anything because of the animals is not fair to him, either.

As of yesterday I started a 10 day bird babysitting job for a 70 yr. old woman that has never left her cockatoo ,Ever. Like most of us we feel nobody can take care of them right but she found me and dropped him off and went on a cruise . So pajirta if she found me you can surely find someone out there for a weekend. I’m training one of the volunteers to properly care and handle all the birds so I may too,go somewhere for a short time before I kick the bucket. and this is day 2 and we’re already singing and dancing. The first day was a little rough but with a little thought and age placement change we all got a good nights sleep last night. BW If I was near you I’d volunteer and we could take turns BW

Yes, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we lived nearby? But it’s not that I think that there are no other people who can take care of my animals like I do! I am sure there are lots and lots that would do a better job than me! But, usually, people who are willing and able to do this have their own animals to take care of and cannot come over and live in my house for an entire weekend. I do have this neighbor that I already talked to and agreed to do it (he is the guy that did the birdroom floor and wood boards as well as lots of other handyman chores around my house) but one of the dogs I found on the street bites and carries on like a maniac to the point that not even my husband can handle him. Gonzalo, the son that came last year in March, wanted to come back next month but we had to tell him no because I don’t dare have a child in the house with this dog and without my supervision (the dog is a NUT! he is getting better but he is going to need a couple of years of very patient, very persistent and extremely consistent handling for him to start trusting everybody without me having to worry about his biting). My youngest daughter, Nya, is coming in July with her kids but a) it’s the summer and I will be home all day long then and b) they are older (15 and 13) (all this had to be explained to him as if talking to a 10 year old - sheesh!)

Sounds like a handful, have had my own demons to slay this week , my kid ended up in hospital and had to work a week at the restaurant right on top of the babysitting job I had obligated myself to do for that male mollucan. With my two hens it’s crazy. Your doggie sounds like my Nigel but he’s coming along slowly but surely. I should just shut up before I jinx myself , I haven’t been bit for a while. BW