The parrot picks you You dont pick the parrot

I will try and make it short. I was at the bird store getting Axel some food and in walks a lady about 70 yrs old I know her from the store we talk all the time.She has cockatiels and alot of them about 200 but when they have babies she brings them to the store.Even through the store doesnt sell bird the help her out. So she opens up the crate and here are 5 4 mon5n old cockatiels well this one came out stepped up on my finger and stayed there the whole time the three of us were talking. The cockatiel lady said she needed some help around her place to help clean up and fix up her birds. She said she would pay me. By now my little baby cockatiel is on my shoulder with his head pressed up against my neck. Yes you guessed it I said I would help if I could have the bird. She agreed and so I have a few flock member. His nake is Winston. I will get a picture up soon.Yes he is in quarantineWell thats my store for today.

It should be “You should let the parrot pick you, Don’t pick the parrot” that cant always happen if there is only 1 bird.Congrats on your new flock member.

That is why I tell people to look for their new friend in a shelter. There they can interact with the birds to see if one claims them.All of mine are rescues but 3 Cockatiels. We didn’t choose each other but they have accepted me.

Please be VERY careful! Cockatoos pluck little birds out the air as they fly over their heads and kill them in the process.

Dont worry they may never be out together.They are caged side by side and I make sure Axel knows how mnch I love him.When Axel is out a d flying around he doesnt even try and go to winstons cage.Thanks for giving me a heads up.

Pajarita wrote:Please be VERY careful! Cockatoos pluck little birds out the air as they fly over their heads and kill them in the process.Galahs too? They have such small beaks

Galahs might be small compared to an umbrella but they are big compared to a tiel - and killing them is not that hard, all they have to do is grab them by the head, neck or shoulder (where the large veins and arteries are) and the little bird is a goner. Hurting them is much easier because grabbing a wing and breaking it is nothing to a too. Amazons kill little birds, too.

Any large bird can kill a little bird really, Amazons don’t kill other birds but they can.And thats not a problem for me they all get along and don’t bother each other, The little ones know to stay away and Oscar is always with me anyways so supervised.

I know of two amazons that killed two little birds (a lovebird and a cockatiel).

What I said was they don’t kill other birds but they can meaning they don’t go looking for birds to kill and that Lovebird was probably causing trouble though poor thing