Theparrotforum - so much help

This forum has helped me so much with my cockatiel, it is unmentionable. Michael, thank you very much for setting it up, because without it, I would know next to nothing about caring for my cockatiel. I would also like to thank all the other people who helped me and told me the dos and donts of parrot ownership. I’m sure everyone here has really benefited from this forum, so this is the topic to say thanks.

Agreed. This forum is good for a lot of advice, ranging from training to general care, and just for moral support. I spend so much time on this thing. Part of the reason why I was thinking about buying something from the store b/c God knows I use this site a -lot-.

definitly… the info and the taming tips are the best i’v seen so far.i’m really glad i joined here! i can now openly hope that my new 3 year old mustache parakeet (badly abused ans mistreated) might be able to realize how much love it still has yet to receive… i hope we can b friends soon…

Totally agree!! A BIG THANKS!!!