These are my birds

Hi,I wanted to show you my birds, so here they are:This is my cockatoo named Nelis.I took them out for a walk in the park on the buggy and they all got a cracker.He loves being in the shower and last summer we put the hose down and sprayed him, this is what he does.This is my grey called Pim.When we got him, his feathers around his neck were out, becouse he got trapped in some sticky flypaper (wich you catch flies with) and they had to pull it off.He is starting to recover.This is our senegal named Kimmy. we are not sure wether it is a boy or girl, but we think she is a girl.And our eclectus Nuri, wich is only at our house for not even one monthbtw the first pictue with Nuri, thats me and on the second one you’ll see my husband.I have started training them, but desided to leave Pim and Kimmy alone a bit, until they stop giving up food for me.Than i will go further on training.Nuri doesnt quit understand yet, he is not focust at all, but i will try and are now looking for a different treat he might like more.Nelis is really getting there, allready putting his wings up in just one session and in the second one i gave him the 'pang’cue, wich he is now learning, and putting up his wings.He turns around like he has never done otherwise before, and gives his right or left paw.So i’m making progress, but will start again next week, because i am really ill and not in a proper position to train.But, these are my birds…love…Sandra

btw, this is our ‘stand’ we have downstairs for them to play on.

You have beautiful birds. I hope that the training go wells for them.

How did you make that?

Thank you.On the right there is a stand we bought a while ago, but they torn off the wooden sticks that were on.So we had different things placed on it, but now we have taken a long stick.On the left is a chopped down tree that we had in the yard, but didnt want there because we have a small yard and it was taking away too much space.I dont know how you call those trees in english, but we found it was a tree that cockatoos live on in nature, so it isnt poisoning them when they chew on it.I completely cleaned it with brushes and water and F10 (wich is especially desinfection that you can use on birds or other pets.)Then we placed it on the ground and made it stick to the wall by large nails.Then i placed the standard on the right near the tree and made that stick on top hit the tree, so they could climbe on both, but we could still move the stand if neccesary.btw we change things like this all the time, making sure they arent easely scared of new things.Ofcourse i still have a lot of sticks in the yard, that i can use later on in the cages for them to chew on and walk or sleep on.

Great! Thanks for the idea

Welcome to the forum! You have beautiful birds. Just a warning: You should NOT bring your birds outside unless they are on a harness or have been flight trained and flight recall trained extensively. Even clipped birds can fly with the help of a little wind and it’s amazing how far they can glide!