They killed the budgies

I really do not know what is happening to the world and people nowadays… There have always been rude and unkind people to whom I’ve never been to relate but, lately and, at least, here in America, I don’t even see a glimpse of humanity in so many of them… … -pets.html

Arson and attempted arson are 20 year felonies. Lock ‘em up!

What is wrong with people!?

I really and truly do not know what is going on with people nowadays, Michael! I am old lady and, like all old people, have seen and heard many things but I find myself at a complete loss to explain the rampant cruelty that is not only seen nowadays but have become, in many cases, the ‘new’ normal… And these were young girls! Who raised these girls that did not teach them empathy? How could they do such a terrible and unnecessarily cruel thing to the poor little things?!I am with you, John. Lock them up and throw away the key!