They'll kill them 'cause they poop!

What is wrong with people?! How could anybody contemplate killing wild animals just because they poop?! All you need is good hosing, for heavens’ sake! … 641433001/

Pajarita, there’s a lot more to this story than what’s being let on. Did you read the article?

Of course I read it but I don’t see what ‘lot more to the story’ you are referring to. Care to elaborate?

Pajarita wrote:Of course I read it but I don’t see what ‘lot more to the story’ you are referring to. Care to elaborate?Since you read it, you’d know that I am referring to the population issue, not bird dumps, and that the geese are being fed to hungry families. This is vastly different than your title and OP. If it confused me it surely confused others. My advice is that you try to avoid posting so many posts with a title and not enough info in the body of the message, in general. K thx.

I think you misunderstood the gist of the story, Greenwing. The reason for the cull was the complaints from the public that they couldn’t use the park due to the poop on the grass. Was the large amount of poop caused by a large amount of geese? Well, yes, it was. Obviously, if there were only a couple of geese this would not be a problem. And yes, I did read that they are going to use the meat to feed poor people but it’s not as if they have no other resources to do this, is it? USA is, after all, one of the richest countries in the world and just the leftover food that is thrown out in the garbage could feed the entire population of Canada (I read this fact somewhere). Most likely, they used this to make such a cruel action more palatable to the public - politicians being politicians and all that… But does eliminating poop from the grass (which is easily taken care of with water, mind you) justify gassing over 1,700 birds that were the proverbial sitting ducks (they were molting and are grounded while they do so they couldn’t even get away)? Birds that ended there because we have destroyed their natural habitats? Mankind needs to start looking for a kinder, more ecological answer to problems they create themselves and not just kill animals that are defenseless. I am sorry you don’t see things the same way I do but I am an animal lover and an activist for their rights and decry waste of life for no other reason than the mere inconvenience of having to put a plastic tablecloth on the grass before I sit down in a park lawn to have a picnic.

This is a good example of what I approve in terms of ‘wildlife management’. Officials in Pa are trying to created a good habitat for migrating birds that are now stopping at a place where a development is going to go up because, if they don’t, the birds will either die or they will end up in a park meant for humans. You need to provide them with an alternative instead of killing them after you destroy their natural habitat and then proceeded to create an artificial environment (like the park with the poop) that, although it’s meant for humans, it’s actually perfect for them (water, grass, protection, etc) to stop, rest and molt. … 1101238994

Sorry to be so insistent on this but it’s a subject that means a lot to me.Another article on the impact of developments that either reduce too much or destroy the natural habitats - we are not respectful enough of other species right to live as nature meant them to… we think the entire earth belongs to us exclusively, animals included. … fresh=true

Hi Pajarita, I just saw your post and wanted to let you know that there is an animal rights group that has filed a lawsuit over this, claiming that Denver parks and recreation violated the Migratory Bird Treaty Act when they killed those geese. I live in the Denver area and I absolutely agree with you. Last year the people in the that rather affluent area signed a petition wanting the city to cull the geese because of poop in the parks. It’s ridiculous. It wasn’t about feeding the needy. There’s no proof that actually happened anyway.

Welcome to the forum and thank you for your post agreeing with mine. Unfortunately, they might not win the lawsuit because the Trump administration allowed the Migratory Act to expire - as they have done with lots and lots of animal and environmental protections. But I hope that, at least, the people who complained about the poop feel ashamed by the cruelty of killing birds that cannot even escape and the lawsuit itself (a bit naive of me, I know…)