Think parrots 2013

I know this is about 3 months off yet but is anyone considering going this year? its on the 19th March at Woking this is the link to last years thread on the show viewtopic.php?f=7&t=7925&hilit=think+parrots+show+may+19I cant make up my mind, last years was good but its a long way for me to go, I was hoping it may have got a bit bigger this year but it seems to be the same sort of thing as last year. I was looking forward to the workshops (if I decided to go) but they don’t seem to be as good as the ones last year although I will still pick a couple to go to. I also thought they might have someone different in doing the displays, dont get me wrong the people from a world of wings were great last year.Anyway I might go again, just not sure if I can justify the travelling. If I do go I will probably spend my time following the vets (poor vets) about and pestering them about my two if they are no better. I don’t think Neil Forbes is going this year though I’ll probably end up stocking up on toys, perches and F10.

Yes, I’m thinking of going, though I was wondering how big it is and from what you’re saying the answer is not very? The workshops look interesting though

Its definitely worth going to, its just a question of distance for me, its a 5-6 hour round trip from here so yea if I lived closer I wouldn’t even be questioning going. I will see what my money situation is nearer the time, I may go solely to stalk the vets lol. It was smaller than I expected last year but I was comparing it to the National Cage and Aviary Exhibition which was so big it was held over 2 days.So anybody going this year? I think I might be able to afford it after all. I’m all excited but trying not to be just in case. I dont really have the time to go so I may be getting my priorities all wrong but…

So its this weekend guys, anybody going? I think I defintely am but trying not to get too excited just in case something comes up.May have my priorities wrong as I should be writing assignments.

Aw, I wish I could go! To bad I live in another country… It looks fun though!

I was talking about it this evening…I’d like to go but it’s quite a trek so haven’t made my mind up yet. I don’t feel like going anywhere in this awful weather we’re having!

I would pick you up if you were on the way near enough but its a long enough drive as it is, Wiltshires just too far out my way lol.

That’s a nice thought, though you’re quite right, you’ve got far enough to go without going any further! It’s only a couple of hours drive from me but it makes for a long day. I just drove an hour and a half each way in torrential rain today to take Alfie to his specialist avian vet in Swindon and am feeling very unmotivated today but I might get inspired by later in the week. Let me know if you do decide to go and we could meet up!

Tell me about it, I’m at work til 12:30am the night before too and would need to set off about 7am I’ll let you know for sure How was Alfies appointment btw?

It went OK, thanks for asking. Looks like Alfie still has a bacterial infection in his gut so he’s back on the Baytril to be followed by probiotics. He’s much more like his usual little feisty green gremlin self this afternoon so that’s a good sign. He isn’t eating well though and the vet said he’s a bit thin which has me worried to death. I don’t understand it, I virtually carry the F10 bottle around with me I’m so paranoid about disinfecting after that first bout, and he’s got a new cage (a Montana Finka) because the cage he came with was hard to clean. On the plus side I’m much more confident in handling him and giving him the meds so that’s going OK but then he retires to the top of the kitchen cabinet and won’t have anything to do with me, and who can blame him! Poor little whatsit, don’t you hate it when your little feathered darling is poorly?