Thinking about buying a budgie, where to buy?

I was thinking about getting a budgie but I’m having difficulty finding a breeder, Presumably because there are razer thin or nonexistent margins on breeding them, thus they are not profitable? From what I have read they are usually “mass produced” and sold to pet stores. I just don’t want to buy a possibly unhealthy or sick bird and risk infecting my green cheek.

Rescue !There are so many budgies listed on Craigslist. You can also go into rescue web sights. Since they are so little people do not take time to bond with them and many are up for rehome. or .org, I can’t remember which org or com. They list by state or zip code. If it is out of your way just consider it a “road trip”. I was listed as a rescue for 3 states, mine and the bordering ones.

I second rescuing/adopting feathered friends looking for a new forever home! I sincerely regret having purchased Kona, especially when, just weeks later, a friend of my sister’s had a Senegal in need of a home. In the future, once I’ve established my own roots and get to know Kona better, I might consider adopting one or two more. Who knows?

Yes, go to Craig’s list and Kijiji, you might even be able to get a couple for free.

I hadn’t even thought about adopting! I’ll probably do that. Thanks!

In my flock of cockatiels all but Tommy and Tammy are rescues. My daughter gave them to me because she got tired of cleaning their cage. So they would be considered a rehome.Some were given to me from I paid as high as $40 to get a mutilated Phoenix when I got Flutter. The owner said he was too ugly to sell. I made arrangements to buy him sight unseen because the man called him ugly.It is so rewarding when one of them comes out of the flock to talk to me or ask for kisses. Tommy is the only one that will step and ask for kisses every time I go in their room. That is not important to me. They are happy. If there were fewer of them I am sure they would bond to me but they all came in one year.